Once you created a project then you can add design screens to from the followings. We provides Auto-Sync support for Dropbox and Google Drive files. 

Upload from Sketch App Plugin 

How to upload screens to your account?

You have a full control of how you would like to upload the screens to your account. You have the following two options to upload your screens.

  • You can upload screens with 'override' options and this will simply upload your screens. If the same name exists then it will override the screen otherwise upload as a new screen.
  • When you select this option 'increment' then it will look for the file name on the artboard and if the file already exists in your Savah account then it will upload as a new version otherwise upload as a new screen.
  • Once you clicked 'Upload', it's uploaded then you will see a message that files uploaded successfully.
  • You should be able to see your design screens in your Savah account.

How to upload selected Screens:

If you select one or more screens on your artboard then the plugin will upload only those selected screens to your account. You can increase version or override selected screens from the artboard.

Upload from Google Drive  / Dropbox (Auto-Sync)

You can now auto-sync your designs screens with your Google Drive / Dropbox. You can upload design screens from the Google Drive / Dropbox to your Savah App projects. Any changes you made to your design in the Drive/Dropbox  will automatically be available inside Savah. 

You can upload psd, png, jpeg and gif file format from your Drive, you have to enter your login details and we will only upload design screens that you choose. We never store, or delete any of your files.

Upload from Computer / Mac 

You can also upload screens from your computer or Mac. Go to your project home page and then click on the 'Upload Screens' button. 

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